CCI Toolbox
The Climate Analysis Toolbox of the
ESA Climate Change Initiative.

The CCI Toolbox (Cate) is a software environment for ingesting, operating on and visualising all ESA Climate Change Initiative data.

The toolbox works by mashing ECV data into a Common Data Model.
Users operate on this model, then visualise the results.

Cate Interfaces

A Command Line Interface

Access and process ESA climate data through a command shell or console terminal. Use it to write your own batch scripts.

A Graphical User Interface

The Cate Desktop application provides a graphical user interface to the same functionality provided by the Command Line Interface.

A Python API

The Python API allows you to use Cate in your own Python programs, and make up new functions for the toolbox too.

The Graphical User Interface

Cate Desktop, the CCI Toolbox graphical user interface, provides access to remote & local CCI data sources and a suite of operations to act on the data. This typically results in an in-memory means of holding the data, which we call a "resource". The desktop also provides a means to visualise the data under analysis.


The CCI Toolbox is Open Source.
Version 1.0 is now available.
Includes installers for
Windows, Linux & Mac.

Whether you're on Mac, Windows or Linux, how you use the
toolbox is pretty much the same. Follow the Github download
instructions below, then let's talk about documentation.

  • Download Installers
    Download version 1.0:
    •  Cate Core & Desktop for Mac
    •  Cate Core & Desktop for Linux
    •  Cate Core & Desktop for Windows
    Or visit Cate's releases page
    on GitHub for older versions.
  • Install Cate Core
    Please read and follow the
    installation instructions!
  • Install Cate Desktop
    Execute the installer, that's it.
    Remember, you need to install Cate Core first.
    More here.

Details on the Cate system requirements, installation,
and configuration can be found here.


Use our documentation.
From how to get started.
To everything else.

Our documentation is online. This includes a Quick Start to help you get going with the Command Line Interface. The User Manual chapter describes each of the user interfaces, plus details of the available Operations. You can add operations to the CCI Toolbox through the API. Other technical information includes CCI Toolbox Architecture, Developer Guide and Detailed Design. We'll have YouTube training videos for you soon. But not yet. We're still working on those.


CCI data sources in
CCI Toolbox v1.0

All ESA CCI datasets published through the ESA CCI Open Data Portal
can be typically accessed by Cate's Python API and Command Line Interface.

For version 1.0 of the CCI Toolbox we have limited the number of CCI datasets available to the Cate Desktop, our Graphical User Interface. Cate Desktop currently supports the following CCI datasets - Aerosol CCI (x6), Cloud CCI (x6), Fire CCI (x1), Ocean Colour CCI (x28), Ozone CCI (x2), Soil Moisture CCI (x3), and Sea Surface Temperature CCI (x1).
More are on the way.



We are happy to support you.

Please feel free posting any support and feature requests in the User Forum and
consider reporting trouble and bugs in Cate's Issue Tracker.
We'll then take it from there.

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We rely on your feedback.
To address your needs.

We develop the CCI Toolbox by using Agile methodologies,
working side by side with users. This enables us to
quickly respond to your needs. Let us know what you think
via the toolbox User Forum or drop us an
email at We're listening.



ESA climate data.

The CCI Toolbox gets its data directly from the
CCI Open Data Portal, so you don't have to.

But if you're curious, then do feel free to browse
the portal at It's free and open.

It provides WMS, WCS, and OpeNDAP access to ESA climate
data through our CCI Dashboard and CCI Search facilities.
If you prefer ftp however, we have that too.
We also provide support on the data via email.


International cooperation.
Across science & industry.

Made in Germany ( And Norway ) [ And Switzerland ] { And The United Kingdom }.
The CCI Toolbox is built through international cooperation, across science
and industry. The project partners comprise Brockmann Consult (Lead Partner), Telespazio Vega, S[&]T Norway, Deutscher Wetterdienst, University of Reading, and University of Zurich.


Made for users, by users.

Climate data users are embedded in the CCI Toolbox team, working alongside the software developers.

These "Champion Users" - led by Rainer Hollman of Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) - define, drive and validate the CCI Toolbox development direction. Here, Rainer talks about his work on the Cloud Essential Climate Variable (ECV) dataset production in the Climate Change Initiative (CCI).

Supported by the
ESA Climate Office.

The CCI Toolbox project is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and forms part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI), the ESA flagship programme for satellite monitoring of climate change in support of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The ESA Climate Office is responsible for defining the CCI programme of work and overseeing its implementation. Here, Pascal Lecomte (Head of ESA Climate Office) describes how it all began.